14th November 2021



You have probably landed on this page to get to know the person behind the images and the camera. I have to admit, at the end of a wedding I never want to put my cameras down – there is just too much to still capture – but if I do, I might join you on the dance floor. You see, to me photography is about feeling comfortable and relaxed and being able to bring moments to life through my images feels amazing.

Great light has pretty much become a passion of mine. I’m often stopping (sometimes in the street!) to take in the shadows and tones. Those moments of golden light before sunset are my thing and make for epic couple shots. Quality is everything and with wedding photography you only want and deserve the best.

As we get to know each other, I’ll make you feel confident and relaxed in front of the camera while photographing your smiles, laughter and the moments you share together. Equally paying close attention to the candid moments your guests share. Weddings are a ‘one-time only’ take, which is why couples have trusted me to capture their most cherished moments.

If you are passionate about your wedding photography, appreciate great quality and want to go out at golden hour for fantastic couple shots while having all your moments captured, then I’m your photographer.


It’s safe to say that I know a thing or two about nuptials. As a wedding photographer with many years of experience and having photographed well over 450 weddings and numerous designer bridal fashion shoots, as well as being a respected photography industry judge, it’s safe to say that I know my Suzanne Neville from my Jenny Packham, my peep toe from my court, and my birdcage from my cathedral (veils!).

Based on the border of Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire, my award-winning wedding photography business, David Bostock Photography, is the quintessential choice for the discerning and particular bride who wants to create a set of photographs that evoke beauty, fun and a genuine sense of emotional sincerity.

An occasion that affords an expanse of creative licence and the invitation to capture truly unique moments on the most important of days, weddings lend themselves perfectly to my knack for dramatic, beautiful, perfectly-timed photography. My work has been praised as ‘elegant’, ‘exceptional’ and even ‘disarming’, but they say a picture’s worth a thousand words so I’ll let my images do the talking.

In order to devote the proper amount of attention to each wedding, I take a limited number of appointments each year, so always advise booking well in advance of your big day. Looking forward to meeting you.

Why not watch the short video below to see me in action on a Real Wedding day