1st August 2019

Public Speaking Courses

Head of Product Supply   ( Waitrose & Partners )
Roy’s advice, support and coaching has enabled me to greatly improve my presentation and public speaking skills. Roy provided clear, specific and constructive feedback that allowed me to address key areas and improve quickly. Over time, Roy’s support has given my great confidence too, and I have been able to focus more on the content instead of worrying about the delivery of presentations. His experience as a professional, as well his experience in coaching others, means he has a great bank of knowledge to help spot and identify areas for improvement, regardless of the type of public speaking. I have received really positive feedback from others; for example, following a presentation to senior business leaders I had two colleagues mention it without prompting. I can definitely attribute this to the support Roy has provided.
Branch Manager ( Waitrose & Partners )

“I didn’t think that I was going to be nervous of talking into a Microphone to a large group of people, but it became “a thing” and the Microphone became a physical obstacle to me being able to share my opinion.

I thought initially it was just a “fear of the Microphone” however, on reflection, there was a deeper confidence that required addressing, which Roy helped to unmask.
After an hour with Roy, I felt not only confident in picking up the Microphone, but also I had confidence in what I was saying and landing my point.

Roy’s easy teaching/mentoring style combined with his “top tips” ensured that the nervousness did not become debilitating, but in fact advantageous and I feel , whilst practice makes “better”, confident in making my point and certainly I am no longer nervous of using the Microphone!”

Product Supply Manager  ( Waitrose & Partners )
Having seen Roy work with a colleague of mine where I could visibly see the impact he had on their style, I was fortunate to be able to engage with Roy for help and support with public speaking. Roy very quickly established from me how I like to learn and tailored his coaching style accordingly. His insight and knowledge were fantastic and his ability to be able to reflect myself back really enabled me to make some small but significant changes.
Thank you Roy!